Meet the team

Petr Holík

Petr is a university teacher, actor and trainer of non-violent communication. He helps people to understand each other better. In the family, at work and with themselves. He is currently replanting flowers at home because his theatre and university are closed.

Adam Čajka

Adam supports groups and individuals in learning processes, strategic decision making and conflict resolution. He is currently sorting papers, washing windows and thinking about how to support other people in our shared uncertainty.

Markéta Dohnalová

Markéta works as a psychologist at a crisis line, teaches at a university and is also a student of philosophy. She is currently working from home, writing her bachelor thesis and researching how strong and authentic human contact can be established in virtual space.

Petr Sucháček

Petr teaches teachers to teach, students to speak in public, people to live non-violently, and organizes and moderates events for the general and scientific public. In short, he tries to get people to treat each other humanely. He is currently sitting in his studio apartment, sorting through his closets and figuring out how to stay physically and mentally fit.

Eva Malířová

Eva guides pairs or groups in conflict resolution, trains non-violent communication and finds ways to discuss global issues with students. Currently, she plays with her children, skypes, works on critical pedagogy and conflict methodologies for schools, breastfeeds and goes to the forest to observe spring flowers.

Zuzana Fillingerová

Zuza is a special educator-drama therapist, employed as an occupational therapist. She has completed training in crisis intervention and is also trained as a psychotherapist. Currently, she enjoys walking her dog, cooking soups and cultivating humour.

Radek Šíp

Radek is finishing his studies in psychology, training in non-violent communication and teaching at university. In addition, he is researching the effects of acute stress and finishing a course in crisis intervention. He’s currently substituting his balcony for a gym and trying his hand at cooking.

Tomáš Belák

Tomas is studying psychology at university. He enjoys sports, especially florbal, reading books or just listening to his favorite music while laying on his back. He likes philosophical debates, but is also fascinated by nature and the animals around us – his favorite one is the panda. He’s currently experimenting with his habits and trying to figure out how to handle school, social life and sports all together.

Sabina Kusáková

Sabča studies psychology, learns how to use non-violent communication and tries to bring a bit of energy and positivity into everyday life. When she has a moment,she listens to a podcast about what is happening in the world, goes for a run or just looks at the clouds and thinks where life will go.

Alena Vavrdová

Graphic collaboration.

Jiří Klimeš