Online support group meetings

You’re not alone. Join an open support group and share your feelings and thoughts with others. The service is completely free.

Na doslech is a project run by volunteers who are professionals in areas of psychology, crisis intervention, non-violent communication and related fields. Our virtual meeting-room offers a safe and reliable space where you can share your thoughts and feelings, be it your joys or sorrows. You don’t have to be alone.


  • For everyone who would welcome the opportunity for an online meeting with other people.
  • For everyone who is searching for support and understanding.
  • For everyone who finds themselves in a difficult situation and who doesn’t want to carry it alone.



  • An hour long video-call on Zoom in a group of up to 7 people, hosted by two individuals from our team, who are experienced in crisis intervention, psychology, and non-violent communication.
  • Sharing your own experiences and listening to the experiences of others.
  • A feeling of relief in difficult situations, better orientation in what you are experiencing, the experience of solidarity and togetherness with others, ideas and inspiration for the future.

How does it work?

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